loculus web architecture


loculus web architecture is owned and operated by its two partners, Sandy Jensen and Robin Sease.

A graduate of UPenn, Sandy Jensen began his career in medical informatics and biotechnology. Soon his web hobby became his livelihood as he went on to develop and maintain multiple websites for UCSF's department of medicine. His innovations included the creation of several online applications and the expansion of UCSF's online systems and services. In the fall of 1999, he left UCSF to become the webmaster for Brightmail.com. After leading the renovation of the corporate website, he moved into Engineering as a full-time software developer.

Sandy specializes in back-end technology, and likes working on the application layer between SQL databases and dynamic web applications. His language skills include HTML, Javascript, CSS, XSL, PL/SQL, bash, enough C and Java to get into trouble, and of course his favorite: Perl.

Robin Sease, a graduate of Indiana University, has focused her attention on website consulting and front-end technology. Originally an Internet marketing manager for McGraw-Hill, her expertise was content development and information architecture. Later, taking on an increasing amount of coding, she became the manager of new media for the department of public affairs at UCSF. Robin left UCSF in the fall of 1999 to begin web development for iMind.com. Soon promoted to Creative Development Director, Robin directed the development of 7 large websites & the UI for iMind's two flagship products. At the end of June 2000, Robin left iMind to become a full-time consultant/contractor. Since then, Robin has divided her time between website development and technical training at AcademyX in San Francisco. In 2006, Robin enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Washington to obtain her Master's in Library and Information Science.

Robin's specialties include website design & development, audience analysis and content organization. Robin's intense love of content architecture has catalyzed an interest in XML and XSLT. In addition to these technologies, Robin is fluent in multiple front-end technologies, including HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, and CSS.

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